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27 januari 2020

6 views23:00:35 [scottalavender] The Award Winning No Agenda Show: The Best Podcast... (Adam Curry)
6 views23:00:35 [DougRosenburg] @UncleHotep It`s true. On episode 21 of @MoeFactz, ... (Adam Curry)
6 views23:00:35 [adamcurry] @DaveDeloria @THErealDVORAK Exactly the level of expert... (Adam Curry)
6 views23:00:34 [ORaiderfan] @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK Appreciate you guys reviewin... (Adam Curry)
7 views19:00:41 [chrisabraham] It turns out that Beelzebub and not @adamcurry inven... (Adam Curry)
7 views19:00:41 [adamcurry] @mbtins @THErealDVORAK It`s not `Apples podcast feed`, ... (Adam Curry)
7 views19:00:41 [adamcurry] @torsitch Can only be one of two: Mechanical or pilot e... (Adam Curry)

26 januari 2020

6 views23:00:06 [CraigMa08781754] @adamcurry Hah! I named one of my race horses Th... (Adam Curry)
7 views23:00:06 [darrenoneill] You should obviously ignore & disregard everything I... (Adam Curry)
6 views23:00:06 [SirChrisWilson] Well, I have my next 3 hours of listening sorted w... (Adam Curry)
6 views23:00:06 [adamcurry] @BaronMichaelSD @THErealDVORAK Day wrecker (Adam Curry)
7 views23:00:06 [shut_tfup_donny] TYFYC #noagenda In the Super Bowl prediction you ... (Adam Curry)
6 views22:00:14 [adamcurry] No Agenda Episode 1211 - `Pale Male` (Adam Curry)
7 views21:01:50 [adamcurry] We`re live now at with No Agend... (Adam Curry)
13 views01:00:37 [DewsNewz] What happened @adamcurry (Adam Curry)
15 views01:00:37 [kjblank80] Curry-Dvorak Consulting made the case on the #NoAgendaS... (Adam Curry)
14 views01:00:37 [noagendaquotes] #noagenda 1208 @THErealDVORAK: We might as well do... (Adam Curry)

25 januari 2020

7 views19:00:30 [adamcurry] @dwesterster @KelemenCari Republicans and Democrats alike (Adam Curry)
10 views18:00:33 [KelemenCari] Hate of President Trump isn`t the whole story. It`s ... (Adam Curry)
9 views18:00:33 [adamcurry] @BlueGaynor @KelemenCari @JohnKen56 The business of Ame... (Adam Curry)
8 views18:00:33 [adamcurry] @craig_mullins @KelemenCari LOL (Adam Curry)
9 views18:00:33 [adamcurry] @BlueGaynor @KelemenCari @JohnKen56 How does that contr... (Adam Curry)
12 views03:00:06 [DCBasement] `The sex stuff always brings people down in America.` ... (Adam Curry)
10 views01:00:31 [adamcurry] Meh, just a youtube video. Not a podcast. No feed = No ... (Adam Curry)
9 views01:00:31 [adamcurry] @RudyGiuliani (Adam Curry)
10 views01:00:31 [adamcurry] @Ramona_W @pocketcasts Is there a feed? rss link? (Adam Curry)
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