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9 april 2020

3 views06:00:10 [Gramma_Barbie] Listening to this instead of `news` today because I... (Adam Curry)
3 views06:00:10 [NoAgendaShop] @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK we must obey ? https://t.c... (Adam Curry)
3 views06:00:10 [adamcurry] @jamespyers @WellsFargo They were holding PPP hostage. ... (Adam Curry)
3 views06:00:10 [adamcurry] @NickFCerutti @Non_MSM_News @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTr... (Adam Curry)
3 views06:00:10 [adamcurry] @PermeateFlow @jamespyers @WellsFargo They got what the... (Adam Curry)
3 views06:00:10 [MattOnAir] Masks inhibit facial iphone (and other) recognition htt... (Adam Curry)

8 april 2020

7 views14:00:16 [adamcurry] @serapheem @THErealDVORAK All coming (Adam Curry)
7 views14:00:16 [rfrost] @adamcurry as you predicted `You Can`t monotize the networ... (Adam Curry)
7 views14:00:16 [adamcurry] @suomicitizen @Cernovich @joerogan Seen it. Meh. (Adam Curry)
6 views14:00:16 [noagendaquotes] #noagenda 1225 @THErealDVORAK: It was one whole ho... (Adam Curry)
6 views14:00:16 [bnfanman] Hey @adamcurry, looks like you almost nailed it with the... (Adam Curry)
6 views14:00:16 [adamcurry] @busticate @iliza We discussed. It`s horrid. Too bad. (Adam Curry)
5 views14:00:16 [dominicci] @jenniferb_chs @adamcurry @MoeFactz Last night I woke u... (Adam Curry)
6 views14:00:16 [jenniferb_chs] @adamcurry OUTSTANDING episode (again). Trying to p... (Adam Curry)

7 april 2020

9 views20:00:21 [BSharpEh] @adamcurry A brief interview wit... (Adam Curry)
29 views08:00:15 [adamcurry] Moe Factz 32 - `Nocebo` -- Adam and Moe discuss the pow... (Adam Curry)
14 views08:00:15 [StevePieczenik] OPUS 212 Trump Leads thru Crisis! KAG (Adam Curry)
12 views03:00:26 [adamcurry] @JKimmich No Agenda Nation has always known (Adam Curry)
13 views03:00:26 [noagendaquotes] #noagenda 1129 @THErealDVORAK: You can pretty much... (Adam Curry)
12 views03:00:26 [adamcurry] @cutlip98 Thank you for playing. (Adam Curry)
14 views03:00:26 [KokeReport] Bannon: The #CCP is responsible for all the dead, all ... (Adam Curry)
8 views00:00:05 [EvelynSprague] `S` refers to the less deadly #COVID19 #Covid_19 `L... (Adam Curry)
8 views00:00:05 [adamcurry] @poem435 Sweet integration. (Adam Curry)

6 april 2020

10 views21:00:04 [adamcurry] @fairuse Sadly this source is from Harvard. No faith in... (Adam Curry)
10 views21:00:04 [adamcurry] @wyliesau @fairuse @MoeFactz Fiber cut on Moe`s isp. (Adam Curry)
10 views21:00:04 [realDonaldTrump] USA STRONG! (Adam Curry)
10 views21:00:04 [adamcurry] But WHAT are they spraying? `S`? (Adam Curry)
10 views21:00:04 [adamcurry] Although we`re not starting to go back to work today as... (Adam Curry)
9 views21:00:04 [adamcurry] @Tayelrand I always thought this was implied. Makes not... (Adam Curry)
10 views21:00:04 [adamcurry] Hey hey, ho go, NWO here we go: `Together at Home` Spec... (Adam Curry)
8 views21:00:04 [Markhackettcfa] @adamcurry Total deaths down too. (Adam Curry)
8 views21:00:04 [noagendaquotes] `Why is a famous actor--he`s very recognizeable, h... (Adam Curry)
6 views21:00:04 [adamcurry] @andrewhorowitz @THErealDVORAK He won`t leave!!!!!! (Adam Curry)
11 views17:00:33 [acousticfoxx] More than ever with so much going on in the world an... (Adam Curry)
8 views17:00:33 [cpugooroo] @50_Shades_of_Q @Annalyson1 @adamcurry lmfao this is pr... (Adam Curry)
9 views17:00:33 [TacTicalTomatos] My new favorite Podcast (Adam Curry)
9 views17:00:33 [adamcurry] Since Chloroquine is out of patent, maybe this Fauci ap... (Adam Curry)
8 views17:00:33 [guyfromgulfport] Yes, this is THAT Adam Curry, of former #Mtv noto... (Adam Curry)
10 views17:00:33 [kurtbitner] @adamcurry & @THErealDVORAK April 6 - from the future ... (Adam Curry)
8 views17:00:33 [adamcurry] @fairuse Link to the trial stoppage? (Adam Curry)
9 views17:00:33 [James_Crabtree] Is intubation of #COVID19 patients a statistical d... (Adam Curry)
10 views17:00:33 [tom_trotts] Excellent discussion here of the Corona Virus numbers ... (Adam Curry)
9 views17:00:33 [adamcurry] @casperhito (Adam Curry)
12 views07:00:05 [noagendaquotes] `It`s quite interesting that when we`re all at hom... (Adam Curry)
12 views07:00:05 [__________ur0] @adamcurry this thread links two things I thought w... (Adam Curry)
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