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30 maart 2020

7 views04:00:32 [SeanWohltman] Here`s something you won`t hear much about (unless y... (Adam Curry)
8 views04:00:32 [geneeverettshow] @jimcramer Listen to the latest #NoAgenda hosted ... (Adam Curry)
8 views04:00:32 [adamcurry] @Sir_Nussbaum S3 bucket first world problems (Adam Curry)

29 maart 2020

7 views23:00:09 [adamcurry] No Agenda Episode 1229 - `Orange Tongue` (Adam Curry)
7 views23:00:09 [adamcurry] @Ramona_W @THErealDVORAK Matter not. Now the `data` is ... (Adam Curry)
7 views23:00:09 [Possum_Jones] @chuckwoolery This question was asked last week by @... (Adam Curry)
7 views23:00:09 [LaurienRose] `The US media is completely useless and I hope they`r... (Adam Curry)
2 views23:00:09 [adamcurry] @chuckboycejr @ScottAdamsSays @WarRoomPandemic Yes. Rem... (Adam Curry)
2 views23:00:09 [adamcurry] @Sir_Nussbaum Believe me, this was discussed (Adam Curry)
6 views22:00:22 [adamcurry] We`re live now at with No Agend... (Adam Curry)
4 views14:00:03 [adamcurry] @Mr_Smith_TN TYFYC #noagendanation fully appreciates ou... (Adam Curry)
3 views14:00:02 [adamcurry] @TokyoDan @THErealDVORAK It happens. No worries (Adam Curry)
9 views06:00:19 [praetorrian] @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK Finally made it the table ... (Adam Curry)
9 views06:00:19 [adamcurry] @SBC909IEearth All models are wrong. Some are helpful. (Adam Curry)
8 views06:00:19 [adamcurry] @kurta59 You`d think. (Adam Curry)
9 views06:00:19 [adamcurry] @TokyoDan @THErealDVORAK Not a hoax. clearly not as ser... (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:25 [adamcurry] @TokyoDan @THErealDVORAK Regular reports from Mark and ... (Adam Curry)
9 views04:00:25 [adamcurry] @niceguy2379 Yes. (Adam Curry)
10 views03:00:13 [adamcurry] @ryankage @pocketcasts That`s in them (Adam Curry)
9 views03:00:13 [adamcurry] @TokyoDan @THErealDVORAK Never said it is a hoax (Adam Curry)
7 views00:00:18 [adamcurry] Moe Factz 31 - `BIE BAE` -- Adam and Moe dive deep into... (Adam Curry)
6 views00:00:18 [adamcurry] @MADinMelbourne @Rempejek1 @disco_donald @joerogan I`m ... (Adam Curry)
5 views00:00:18 [adamcurry] @Ombra777 @ThothThought Try again when you have at leas... (Adam Curry)
6 views00:00:18 [darkpixel] @StevePieczenik @adamcurry @MillerStream @Non_MSM_News ... (Adam Curry)
6 views00:00:18 [adamcurry] @TokyoDan @THErealDVORAK Thanks for the condescending c... (Adam Curry)
6 views00:00:18 [adamcurry] @TokyoDan If you are serious about helping then send us... (Adam Curry)

28 maart 2020

4 views21:00:31 [StevePieczenik] #SilconValley comin` for your cash #CoronaVillains... (Adam Curry)
6 views17:00:04 [adamcurry] @neil_ferguson If these models are used for government ... (Adam Curry)
6 views17:00:04 [adamcurry] @djboelhouwer Unlike NPO and Rutte? (Adam Curry)
6 views17:00:04 [adamcurry] @Luka_Batinic Probably, but I can`t test without a US v... (Adam Curry)
6 views15:00:38 [adamcurry] @AndyFroncioni Yes, and that study from Imperial colleg... (Adam Curry)
6 views15:00:38 [adamcurry] Explosion of leftist hate aimed at Dr Birx after she de... (Adam Curry)
6 views15:00:38 [adamcurry] @Mordecai7777 And they have along way to go if that is ... (Adam Curry)
6 views15:00:38 [adamcurry] @AndyFroncioni My point: where is the reporting on this... (Adam Curry)
6 views15:00:38 [adamcurry] NYTimes only reports on the ventilator counts (for whic... (Adam Curry)
4 views14:00:32 [adamcurry] @justinperickson @MoeFactz @tsbphoto It`s time for an a... (Adam Curry)
4 views14:00:32 [adamcurry] Where is the reporting on this? -- `Dr. Birx Admits Ini... (Adam Curry)
9 views07:00:27 [clogwog] @adamcurry words matter ? (Adam Curry)
9 views05:00:04 [jhigginbotham] @adamcurry news broadcasting is podcasting #itm #ty... (Adam Curry)
9 views01:00:16 [bigsplash1] Hey @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK I`m back. 29 min in toda... (Adam Curry)
9 views01:00:16 [adamcurry] @Penstrike This is exactly what I highlighted. (Adam Curry)
9 views01:00:16 [adamcurry] @Penstrike Did you hear me specifically address the ski... (Adam Curry)
10 views01:00:16 [adamcurry] As predicted there is now what seems a coordinated effo... (Adam Curry)
8 views01:00:16 [adamcurry] @johncardillo Precisely. (Adam Curry)
8 views01:00:16 [adamcurry] @daisyed99 No. Your facts don`t align with hers, a doct... (Adam Curry)
8 views01:00:16 [adamcurry] No more swoop for you. (Adam Curry)
3 views01:00:16 [adamcurry] @kingkube I`m sure he`s around! @JanPolet (Adam Curry)

27 maart 2020

8 views20:00:33 [adamcurry] @Henk_Zandbergen @Reusnu @JWRoodbeen @JeroenvanInkel @w... (Adam Curry)
8 views20:00:33 [adamcurry] @atrupar Couldn`t be true could it? She has obvious sta... (Adam Curry)
7 views20:00:33 [StevePieczenik] My #audiobook is complete! Listen2MyLife #StevePie... (Adam Curry)
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