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20 juni 2018

7 views16:00:53 [adamcurry] @JenBriney @realDonaldTrump @SecNielsen Are you sure Je... (Adam Curry)
7 views16:00:53 [adamcurry] Day 1 with my demo `Listening Instruments`. It`s like w... (Adam Curry)

19 juni 2018

3 views17:00:31 [brianoflondon] I am a Executive Producer of this podcast. I approv... (Adam Curry)
3 views17:00:31 [adamcurry] @brianoflondon Dems Repubs AND m5m (Adam Curry)
3 views17:00:31 [adamcurry] @XPR @THErealDVORAK There is no `off` (Adam Curry)
3 views17:00:31 [adamcurry] So nice that CSPAN is entertaining again! (Adam Curry)
3 views17:00:31 [adamcurry] @Thisiscalico17 @brianoflondon Hockey rain-stick (Adam Curry)
3 views17:00:31 [adamcurry] Outstanding performance by Rep Cummings! (Adam Curry)
6 views03:00:37 [adamcurry] Checking in with our Osaka Knights and Producers (Adam Curry)
6 views03:00:37 [adamcurry] @C96330766 @KamalaHarris @THErealDVORAK Novel approach (Adam Curry)
7 views03:00:37 [adamcurry] Quote of the day (Adam Curry)
6 views03:00:37 [adamcurry] @andrewhorowitz Did he call the Joy Reid FBI investigat... (Adam Curry)
6 views03:00:37 [adamcurry] @jake_pelley LOL. Sure! (Adam Curry)
7 views03:00:37 [adamcurry] @mshoe @100monkeys An honored breed on the BPITU (Adam Curry)
6 views00:00:06 [adamcurry] @phildunn @THErealDVORAK You can`t monetize the network (Adam Curry)
6 views00:00:06 [adamcurry] @ParkerTechGuy @THErealDVORAK The power of the `stick! (Adam Curry)
6 views00:00:06 [adamcurry] @Glidedon Yeah, still disappointing `AI`, but note the ... (Adam Curry)
5 views00:00:06 [adamcurry] @100monkeys rude (Adam Curry)

18 juni 2018

7 views18:01:19 [adamcurry] No Agenda Episode 1043 - `Chuck Hole`, now with synchr... (Adam Curry)
2 views15:00:15 [adamcurry] @savageorphan You are promoting government regulation o... (Adam Curry)
2 views15:00:15 [adamcurry] @joshuamclain Sure. Last year when it came out. (Adam Curry)
2 views15:00:14 [adamcurry] @savageorphan Finally. Bye. (Adam Curry)
7 views13:00:40 [adamcurry] @Zmanilk @THErealDVORAK @realDonaldTrump You didn`t use... (Adam Curry)
7 views13:00:40 [adamcurry] @voidzorro LOL (Adam Curry)
3 views12:00:44 [danvanmoll] Geeez, you can`t imagine how the recent episode of #no... (Adam Curry)
1 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @danvanmoll @THErealDVORAK 2 shows? (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [mactexas] The best Fathers day present. @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK ... (Adam Curry)
3 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] We`re live now at with No Agend... (Adam Curry)
3 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] No Agenda Episode 1043 - `Chuck Hole` (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @BHH_STIG @THErealDVORAK Where? (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @savageorphan Believe what you want. Let me know when o... (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @momusadept Please remain coherent (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @momusadept What is the point then? TO KEEP YOU OCCUPIED! (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @DannyNLD73 @momusadept Fake (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @DannyNLD73 @momusadept Exactly. Follow the rabbit. Mor... (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:44 [adamcurry] @Trekkygeek @THErealDVORAK I like the thinking (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [danvanmoll] @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK Yes, almost three due to tra... (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [adamcurry] @shanehawkk Mark G is a pro (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [adamcurry] Thousands of FBI Lovers text messages. Not a single egg... (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [adamcurry] @shadowban69 Careful, not a law. A consent decree. That... (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [adamcurry] @KBMAGAFL Good video to prove Q is a bullshit distracti... (Adam Curry)
3 views12:00:43 [adamcurry] @THErealDVORAK @kurta59 Need to add: `Free dogs and bir... (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [saw_saw5] @adamcurry (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [THErealDVORAK] While the Clintons point the finger at @realDonaldT... (Adam Curry)
2 views12:00:43 [adamcurry] @THErealDVORAK Hahaha! #ATxPoopmap in our future! (Adam Curry)
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