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13 december 2019

3 views15:00:40 [adamcurry] @THErealDVORAK @AndrewPatermann She didn`t `lose` anyth... (Adam Curry)
3 views15:00:40 [adamcurry] @justfranklin @THErealDVORAK Only at the opening did he... (Adam Curry)
4 views15:00:40 [adamcurry] @DCBasement Google project (Adam Curry)
10 views06:00:36 [TheIndyJT] @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK Listening to today`s show and... (Adam Curry)
10 views06:00:36 [christophermust] Now being broadcast through your neighbor`s doorb... (Adam Curry)
10 views06:00:36 [adamcurry] @Kit86421 Yeah, it`s part of the techno-slave trend (Adam Curry)
10 views06:00:36 [noagendaquotes] `All you need is for one a-hole on your entire net... (Adam Curry)

12 december 2019

7 views23:00:40 [adamcurry] No Agenda Episode 1198 - `Self Certified` (Adam Curry)
8 views19:00:29 [adamcurry] We`re live now at with No Agend... (Adam Curry)
7 views13:01:02 [adamcurry] @stormbobcat We had some scheduling issues. Might not b... (Adam Curry)
7 views13:01:02 [adamcurry] @dominicci @rzarush That`s not the feed link it says Po... (Adam Curry)
8 views13:01:02 [adamcurry] @stevequinton Add the feed manually (Adam Curry)
9 views06:00:05 [adamcurry] @LucanDenfield Really? That was the story in Gitmo Low ... (Adam Curry)
9 views06:00:05 [adamcurry] @LucanDenfield Really puzzling how that got programmed ... (Adam Curry)
9 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] Dr. Steve Pieczenik With Adam Curry for December 11th 2... (Adam Curry)
9 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] @StevePieczenik (Adam Curry)
9 views04:00:40 [SirChrisWilson] More forbidden knowledge from Adam`s handler https... (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:40 [olesens] @adamcurry And you KNOW this! (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] @tyerobinson I have, but we just don`t promote other pr... (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] Thanks for the RT, need more of this because..algos htt... (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] @dtrusty not in the directory. Add manually: https://t.... (Adam Curry)
9 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] @CSB You have no idea how Amazon Kindle works. You don`... (Adam Curry)
11 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] @CSB Sure, if you want Amazon to take 70% you can do it... (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] @bpsurratt @tyerobinson @THErealDVORAK That`s simply no... (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:40 [MRBigelow] Great content between Adam Curry and Dr. Steve Pieczeni... (Adam Curry)
10 views04:00:40 [UltraStar] OMG! For anyone in the USA buying the Russia Trump narr... (Adam Curry)
11 views04:00:40 [adamcurry] @rzarush Get the feed at (Adam Curry)

11 december 2019

9 views17:01:00 [adamcurry] @evankaloudis Specifically I said `Federate or Die`. We... (Adam Curry)
8 views17:01:00 [adamcurry] @jknedler @THR @THErealDVORAK The Network cannot be mon... (Adam Curry)
8 views17:01:00 [adamcurry] @ITM_OMA @THErealDVORAK Ding! (Adam Curry)
8 views17:01:00 [adamcurry] @ShaMcgu @THErealDVORAK Yeah, not holding my breath for... (Adam Curry)
8 views17:01:00 [adamcurry] @THErealDVORAK @allenhuffman The `t` from songs. The mi... (Adam Curry)
7 views17:01:00 [tanyaweiman] @allenhuffman @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK The `That`s t... (Adam Curry)
10 views02:00:10 [allenhuffman] I wan he removal app ha I heard abou on No Agenda S... (Adam Curry)
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