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18 augustus 2018

4 views07:00:27 [adamcurry] There are no secrets, only information you don`t yet h... (Adam Curry)
6 views05:00:36 [adamcurry] @WJB219 Waarom spreek jij zo slecht Engels? Ironie vert... (Adam Curry)
6 views05:00:36 [adamcurry] @ArielFelidae Advertisers decide if they want their ads... (Adam Curry)
6 views05:00:36 [adamcurry] @patrick_wilson They are inverse (Adam Curry)
6 views05:00:36 [adamcurry] @ArielFelidae One could consider boycotting advertisers... (Adam Curry)

17 augustus 2018

7 views22:00:27 [adamcurry] @ParkerTechGuy @heliemat Yes. 18-24 year range (Adam Curry)
7 views22:00:27 [adamcurry] @ArielFelidae And what are they pressuring with? Advert... (Adam Curry)
7 views22:00:27 [noagendaquotes] #noagenda 1059 @adamcurry: You can listen to a pod... (Adam Curry)
7 views22:00:27 [adamcurry] @justinzetzer Chinese market. All companies have an Ach... (Adam Curry)
7 views22:00:27 [adamcurry] @BHH_STIG Nope. Only accounts the mob who will boycott ... (Adam Curry)
7 views22:00:27 [adamcurry] @AManinExile @novus_prime2 Different. Their customer is... (Adam Curry)
7 views22:00:27 [adamcurry] @BacksiesNo @saifedean Yeah, he`s top of my list (Adam Curry)
7 views22:00:27 [adamcurry] Face it. We are all pre-de-platformed. (Adam Curry)
5 views19:00:43 [adamcurry] People diversifying their social networks today will so... (Adam Curry)
5 views19:00:43 [adamcurry] The current `Platform` purge is not about politics or c... (Adam Curry)
5 views19:00:43 [adamcurry] @who503ver In the real world not everyone wins. And the... (Adam Curry)
5 views18:00:40 [adamcurry] @THErealDVORAK Face it. We are pre-dead (Adam Curry)
5 views18:00:40 [hds1200c] @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK I`ve mentioned it before but y... (Adam Curry)
5 views18:00:40 [adamcurry] @23GoldenApples @THErealDVORAK Skip logic (Adam Curry)
5 views18:00:40 [adamcurry] @ThatGuyBeane @THErealDVORAK @SenSanders @Ocasio2018 LO... (Adam Curry)
5 views18:00:40 [adamcurry] This: (Adam Curry)
5 views18:00:40 [adamcurry] @ThatGuyBeane @THErealDVORAK @SenSanders @Ocasio2018 Yo... (Adam Curry)
6 views03:00:20 [adamcurry] No Agenda Episode 1060 - `Austin Beatniks` (Adam Curry)
7 views03:00:20 [adamcurry] @itastesound It was so good we thought it had to be sto... (Adam Curry)
7 views03:00:20 [adamcurry] @batcatsmirre @Birch2124 @Nokiamobile US version?? (Adam Curry)
7 views03:00:20 [adamcurry] @SteveStreza Or.. start your own with your friends for ... (Adam Curry)
6 views03:00:20 [adamcurry] @radium84 Kyocera DuraXE 4710 (Adam Curry)
7 views03:00:20 [adamcurry] @1791L Sure (Adam Curry)
6 views03:00:20 [adamcurry] @engadget Ugh. Assholes created a new standard differen... (Adam Curry)

16 augustus 2018

7 views21:00:45 [adamcurry] We`re live now at with No Agend... (Adam Curry)
5 views13:00:09 [adamcurry] @donkler Played it on 1059? (Adam Curry)
6 views13:00:09 [adamcurry] @24AheadDotCom_ I really don`t care what any soshnet does. (Adam Curry)
8 views00:01:31 [adamcurry] LOL (Adam Curry)
7 views00:01:31 [adamcurry] @BradReiter @Cowan1171 @DougVaughn_KMOV @GarySiniseFoun... (Adam Curry)
8 views00:01:31 [adamcurry] @xertimof @THErealDVORAK Skip Logic (Adam Curry)
8 views00:01:31 [adamcurry] Silly Zuck. Doesn`t he know that in America the Adverti... (Adam Curry)
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